I have been taking pictures for about 30 years. I did portraiture for the first 10 years of my career. And that’s how I really came to love the subject matter which became younger and younger.

The world has changed enormously with the effect of the internet. Digital photography and cell phones and things like that have changed the landscape for photographers. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve come to consider myself a global advocate for children, so my creativity has been able to expand into lots of different avenues.

Creating jewelry was something I had been thinking about for years and years. I really enjoy designing things that have a message and a purpose. I find jewelry to be a natural fit because I really believe in the power of being a woman.

Each piece of my jewelry celebrates the fact that we as women really can make a difference. It is the perfect gift to celebrate every mother, and every woman, and what we’re capable of.

I’ve been very involved in the design of each and every piece. There’s a lot that went into discussions even before I started the design process. It was important for the team that I’m working with to understand the motivation behind my work, which is a celebration of new life, and everything that a new baby represents to people. They transform women’s lives instantly in making them into mothers, and they make fathers instantly, they create families. But they also represent us at the very beginning of our lives, you know? When anything is possible.

I think the purity of a newborn mind is something that is very strong in my message —  our eternal chance at new beginnings. The pearl happens to be the only gemstone in the world with a natural gestation period, so we started to design around a pearl, but it’s not pearl jewelry as such. The pearl within each piece represents the baby. And there’s a tiny little embedded diamond in that pearl which represents the individual spark in every new life.

I’m a great believer in wearing jewelry that is meaningful, that is not just decorative. And so this was—this was just perfect for me. This is the beginning of something new.