A diagnosis of high cholesterol (331!) sparked my ultimate Reset. I had been living a life that was out of control on most levels and needed to reign in everything, get healthy and love life again.

I could say I Reset my health. But I actually Reset my life. My entire life. I changed everything and really did put the importance on me. Saving me. Loving me. Being me. Being present in the present.

I gave myself as a present for my 50th — the gift of sobriety. This actually took place about six months earlier than the big birthday day, but it was a necessary and important step to resurrecting and resetting myself. As part and parcel of that gift, I began an entire new regime of healthy eating, yoga every damn day (sometimes twice!), jogging (actual running, none of that “fogging” or fake jogging I’d been shuffling along with before!) and getting into a spiritual practice. Kale became my new BFF. I fell in love with my “greenies,” what I call smoothies since the majority ingredient is kale or something else super green. I stopped eating processed foods and sugar and moved into a clean vegan eating regime, something that while not as extreme as that phase, I still incorporate into my daily routine. I even reached my high school weight of 113 pounds.

I moved beyond FEAR and tried new sports-related or outdoor activities that I never would have considered before. Like hiking, SUP’ing, surfing and the like. And I found that I was happy and healthy not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

This may seem like a weird fave pic, but it speaks volumes from where I had come from when I weighed 188 pounds (I’m barely five feet tall), was “fogging” and couldn’t make it from Chelsea to the East Village without hitting Kmart to use the loo!