A big change in my personal life allowed me to reset everything and start a business.

I used to live in New York City with my husband until last year, when we found this house — the perfect house. It was on Long Island, near where we both grew up.

I loved the city and I didn’t want to leave, but this house was too good to be true. So we bit the bullet, put in an offer and ended up getting the house.

At the time, I worked in Westchester at a French cosmetics brand. I was there for four years and I absolutely loved it. I was in-house public relations, and it was a wonderful job, but it was about a three-hour commute with traffic.

On a good day you can get there in like an hour fifteen, but during the holidays, during the winter, you know, you start to think, is this really going to work in the long term?

Do you leave a job you love because you moved, or do you suck it up and just drive? I have the most supportive husband in the world, and he said, “I’ll support you in whatever you decide to do. If you want to drive I’ll be there as a support system and we’ll make it work.”

I started thinking about who I am at my core and what I really love. From the second I started working, I always thought that one day, I would do this on my own. I wanted to build something on my own and have a team, have a company that represents everything that I believe in… To create an enjoyable place to work and a great group.

While we were preparing to move, I was preparing to go out on my own — to open CBee Public Relations.

The house was really a way to push me to have my reset, I would say. It gave me the opportunity to reevaluate my life and what was important to me. I want to work — I love working.

When I finally told my former boss what I was planning, he was so wonderfully supportive. He got right on board and he said, “Well we’ll sign with you. We’ll be your first client.”

It was the most gratifying experience ever, because it really allowed me to start this journey of my life. You need somebody that believes in you and  when you hear it from a business perspective it solidifies everything that you are working towards.

I am so fortunate. I never go a day without thanking and appreciating everything that’s been great so far. I was able to sign clients and my network has really been supportive. It’s something that makes me want to cry at the end of the day, because I’m just so lucky.

Learning how to be a good business owner is something that takes time. And I’m learning every day — being open, listening to my employees, understanding what we need. I work 17 hours a day — my phone never turns off — but it’s different. I don’t mind it