I had a 30-year career with a half dozen national trade associations where I lobbied for public education, worked with boards and built membership. Midlife, instead of using my doctorate in special education in the national trade association world, I became the “Doctor of Dress.”

In 1998, I left my last non-profit job where I was an associate executive director (woman at the top) and immediately got certified to do what I absolutely love and was born to do — be an image consultant. 

I did not know I could do what I love for a living. My earliest influence was my mother, a former fashion model in New York City who after marriage, began a women’s couture clothing store in upstate New York. I grew up loving fashion. It was in my DNA. 

I do makeovers, personal shopping and “closet surgery.” My work is geared to help clients build confidence and make the most of their unique assets.