My mom and sister going to heaven was life-changing for me.

When my mom was very ill, I left my apartment and all of my belongings to be with her. Needless to say, it was the best decision. I was able to bond with my siblings during this time.

As emotionally draining as it was with my mom having dementia, my younger sister and I still found the humor in the situation. And so did my mom — she always found the humor in everything.

Almost a year after my mom went to heaven, my older sister, who was disabled her entire life, became very sick and did not recover. As difficult as this was, I gained great comfort in knowing she was with my mom and dad in heaven.

My Reset has been an ongoing process. I have a positive outlook as I put my dreams and goals first. Life is too short. The courage and love which was always embedded in me has become even stronger as I needed it.

Work-wise, I realized I have been living someone else’s dream. I needed to work to live my own dream, so I started my own company, Curvy Caravan.  My vision is to empower girls and women to be brave with self expression through style and fun life experiences. It’s never too late to Reset your life. We all have choices, which is something my Mom told me my whole life.