meet cat

Having a baby started me on a reset, but not exactly the traditional one. I’ve spent the last 10 years working as a buyer for a large corporation. I’ve worked hard to build my career, climb the ladder and earn my stripes. I always believed I would return to work after starting a family — that’s what I was taught and what my friends did. With a new baby coming, I started to think about what happiness would look like 10 years from now. I realized I wanted to do, to create and to feel empowered for myself. So, I left my corporate job and created my own business. It was scary, challenging, exciting and came with so many lessons that in the short nine months from conception to launch, I felt like I had birthed two babies. That experience led me to meet Maria (she was a client) and join The Reset. That chance meeting reminded me that life is so unpredictable. From challenges and risks come new opportunities and friendships.