In June 2016, my whole world collapsed.

On the first, my business partner unexpectedly announced he was exiting our marketing agency. On June 15th, my 15-year-old cat and most beloved companion, Starbucks, went to be with the Lord, and two weeks later, his twin brother and my other baby, Nasdaq, died of a broken heart.

After a brief but serious break, I decided that for better or worse, God had just handed me a fresh start. A reset, if you will.

I moved forward. It started with a physical move – from Miami to New York City. Then, I launched a new consulting agency and two additional businesses — life coaching, and real estate.

After a few months, I am happy to tell you that I have never been better. Or better off. Here’s the thing about life: you can’t control anything except for your perspective. So always choose a positive one. Because even the worst moments shall pass.