I love food and I love helping people.

In my mid-twenties, however, I found myself questioning where I was in my life and why I wasn’t doing the things I love. I felt sluggish and confused. It began while I was pregnant with my first child, working in a marketing role at a big financial company. Although I was content with what I did and excited for the impending addition to our family, I couldn’t help but feel like something was missing — as if I wasn’t where I was supposed to be or doing what I was meant to do. I wanted to use the areas I love to reach people in a way that makes their lives better.

Remembering how much I enjoyed a nutrition elective I took as a college student, I realized I could pave a path towards a career as a dietitian while keeping my growing family life a priority. The answer to my happiness was right in front of me and I decided in that moment to leap into it. The road was not easy, but it was my passion for helping people through the power of food while upholding a family balance that got me through the countless hours of a post-baccalaureate masters degree in nutrition and a registered dietitian-nutritionist certification.

I knew right away that I wanted a private practice. Seven years and five kids later, I never could have imagined that my business, Beth Warren Nutrition (BWN), would grow so quickly while I was still making it to my kids’ bus stop… well, most of the time!

One of the most uplifting moments of my journey was realizing I had something to say. I figured out how to incorporate the my upbringing with a nutritionally-balanced whole foods plan that curbed cravings and kept me full and satisfied while living my busy life. I use the same principles with my clients of various backgrounds and ethnicities.  I can see how successful these principles are, affecting their weight and overall well-being. 

I’ll always remember one client who came to me because he heard that, “I allowed people to eat.” I thought about how sad it was that people associate losing weight with deprivation when instead it should be about celebrating all the foods you can eat.

Another client could not believe the liberated feeling she had by cutting out diet sodas and artificial sweeteners. It was only after she eliminated them that she truly enjoyed eating healthier foods because they finally tasted good.

A mom of  seven realized the piece she was missing on her weight loss journey was the intuitive eating techniques and trusting her mind and body to tell her what and how much of something to eat amongst her busy life.

Aside from finding a career that met my goal of achieving a work-life balance, I was excited to discover it was also an area that I could explore other passions: my love of public speaking through media work and workshops, my love of writing (my second book, Secrets of a Kosher Girl is due out in March 2018) and my love of cooking through demos.

I admit that I don’t always have it together, no matter how seamless it may look from the outside. I face obstacles each day as I juggle family and work life. I may not always get it right. As long as my kids are getting off to school with a smile with matching shoes on the right feet and my clients are meeting their weight and health goals, I feel I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing.