I worked in the television industry for 20 years. It was network television, so it was live 24 hours each day. I worked 21-hour shifts, made tons of money and it was fantastic, but after a while, guess what? You get burned out. What’s the sense of making a bunch of money if you can’t spend it because you’re always working?

Because of my career, I was late in life. I didn’t get married, I didn’t date, I was always working. I was married to the job. Then one day, I couldn’t take it anymore. So I quit, and I became a DJ. I did the late-night hours and though it was a little less money, it was fun. Yet that even started to feel like a job after a while.

I had a son and took two years off to stay with him because he was my everything.

I then became a real estate agent. Though the only problem with sales is that you don’t make money until there’s a deal. Just recently, I worked with a client for months and we were so close to the finish line I could taste the money. It turns out they couldn’t obtain a mortgage, so the deal was dead. 

So now I need a reset. A lot of people around me think that life is over just because they become a mom and it’s not true. I want to bring fabulosity to you with events and e-commerce. And aside from this, my passion is production. I really want to get back into production.

Photo courtesy of Mary Ann D’Urso.