My major reset in life was beating cancer [Everhart was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer in 2013].

I had to find everything that was good for me — natural products. I don’t put things in my body that are not good for me — I just can’t do it. I eat lighter and cleaner — dairy-free. I wouldn’t put something in my mouth that could cause any kind of harm to my body. 

I am all about health, wellness and helping people in a positive manner through the companies that I work with and the products I endorse [she is currently spokesperson for Oralgen, maker of NuPearl tooth whitening products]. Because before, when I was a model, I would have just smiled and been pretty as a spokesmodel, but now it means something to me. 

That’s not part of who I am today. I want to make this world a better place. I want to do something to make life better. And that’s who I am — all about health and wellness.

I’ve been working with cancer doctors to help things along. And you’ll see — there will be breakthroughs in the future — real breakthroughs in science that I’m so proud of. That’s really my passion.