I always looked at other women who were beautiful. I never had the confidence to believe and love myself. I wanted so much to be the “It” girl.

In January of 2017, I traveled many directions seeking to understand beauty, only to discover beauty is my belief and self confidence in me. No more and nothing less.

I reset my beauty by deciding to love myself.

I have always liked my hair short and natural. So, on July 24, 2017, I had my stylist cut my hair to a short style I could wear naturally. I love my haircut. A few weeks later I returned for a new color. I chose a warm sun-kissed brown that my hairdresser mixed for me. My hair color is beautiful.

The need to reset my style took priority. After all, I could not continue in cotton shirts and khaki skirts — I needed a change. I searched through many designers, even a few of my favorite labels, for something a little more with less. Alas, I came across The Reset’s R Label. Wow, oh wow. The flow-y materials (I love silk) and the neutral colors are perfect. I submitted an order and am waiting for my clothes to arrive.

I did many things to come to terms with my own beauty:

  1. I had a talk with myself. I am beautiful. I do not need to copy something that isn’t me.
  2. I made a choice to spend time exploring options on style and beauty blogs. That became a big eye opener, giving me well-needed insight.
  3. I decided to take a closer look at me. To make changes and choices that were aligned to my meaning of beauty.

Simple. Bold. Relaxed. And personal.