I lost both of my parents last year, three months apart. It was devastating and it made me think about what is really important. I took steps to actually slow down and think about my life, rather than just running from one thing to the next. I took some time off and now, I am choosing things more purposefully.

I still do public relations, but for people, places and companies I actually believe in and respect. I spend a lot of time now writing (for local papers and I’m working on a book) and in writing workshops. It’s good therapy and it feels like the right time to be working on my book.

One of the main resets was moving from Los Angeles and New York, where I have lived my whole grown-up life, back to the town I grew up in — Southampton. I’m actually in Sag Harbor now year-round and I love it. I love the energy in the summer and the calm in the winter. New York City is only a short Jitney ride away. I work mostly from home so I reset my whole workday and the quality of my life. I take a break when I need to. Walk my dog when I need to clear my head and am not bound by an office schedule.