In a period of about four weeks:

  • My best friend told me that she thought I was insecure;
  • I read an article that suggested women needed to take a look at their own misogyny when it came to their opinions of Hillary Clinton;
  • I read Glennon Doyle Melton’s “Love Warrior;”
  • I began doing Yoga.

I reset my feelings towards myself which led me to relationships with everyone else.

Learning to love and accept myself changed the way I related to the rest of the world and to myself. It was transformative. I became someone who is at peace with herself and for the first time, maybe ever, I am truly happy.

I accepted my body for what it is, not what other people say it should be. My body birthed two amazing daughters and has carried me 26.2 miles on foot (and 13.1 miles on at least five occasions, not to mention the hundreds of miles logged while training). That’s pretty freaking amazing. And I should value it, not destroy it.

I stopped wishing I was more or different and feeling that I wasn’t good enough because I wasn’t measuring up some patriarchal version of what a good wife, mother, and professional woman should be.

I started giving thanks for the little things and stopped comparing myself to others. My life is pretty awesome and it was about time I started realizing that!

Now I take time for me. I take time for my husband and children. I listen to my own voice with much more respect. I make decisions from a place of peace and happiness. I don’t exist to please someone else or worry about what people will think of my choices and actions. I own me.