I decided to divorce my husband of 19 years. I was turning 48 with four children with him. There was a lot of domestic violence. It took me years of back and forth with this decision. I didn’t think I could do it.

I thought, here I am 48 and so unhappy. I needed to show my children that this is not how a man is supposed to treat a woman.

I had lost my identity. I wasn’t laughing anymore. I knew it would be hard…

I have a best friend who knew a divorce attorney. I took action and called her. So hard to tell someone what he had done to me all these years and I let him. I was embarrassed. She took the case for a low price.

I had kept up my cosmetology license. I kept in contact with my old hair salon job and owners. They use to be like family to me. They held a station for me at the Salon. I started. I am slowly regaining clientele.

He has contested the divorce settlement for months now. Ten months. I quit-deeded the house to him. He wanted to live next door at old house. I took a extremely low settlement. People were saying to fight for more. It would of taken a couple more years possibly. I couldn’t do that. I just need to get out. We still share the house until it is final. He has destroyed most of my belongings. He has taken all 16 framed photos of our kids and all my childhood photos and things my dad left me before he died. My yearbooks. Keepsake box of my daughter. Some clothing.

I must keep going forward. No matter what or how hard. I refuse to be a victim of domestic violence anymore. I refuse to let him scare me. I may never get my pictures back.

I will regain my happiness. All my life, I have always loved working out. He would never let me go. I have started working out again with a trainer. I am laughing again. Papers are signed. Now I just wait for him to sign too. He is stalling. Purposely. I keep moving forward. I must do this for myself and my children. #lifeisshort #continuoushappiness #live