I’ve had a few years of medical issues. Anemia, hysterectomy, hernia surgery, nerve blocks… One thing led to another. I’ve always been self-driven — nothing stops me and I don’t rest much. Even when I was sick and on disability leave from work, I found things I just “had” to do. Then came shingles. I realized the universe was telling me to stop, to heal, to reset.

I decided it was time to stop being the victim (“Why is this all happening to me?”) and understand why it was all happening to me. Sometimes we have to be forced into being still. I finally embraced the “down time” and meditated on what it was all about.

I downloaded the “Calm” app and used it to be still at night before sleep. I read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. I made a list of the things that “happened” to me in my life to find why things kept happening. What was the lesson I needed to learn? I made it a point to get outside and put my bare feet onto Mother Earth daily at my favorite place – the beach. I thought long and hard about what I have always really wanted in life and why I haven’t accomplished it. I understood then, the fears that were holding me back, the passion that I still had and decided at 46 years of age it is not too late. I am currently working on several projects that I am passionate about. I am not going to let fear decide my outcome.

I will create my own work/life balance and be healthy — mind, body and spirit.