I chose the “life” category because my reset actually involves every other category listed, and also because WITHOUT my reset I know that my life would be short lived. My name is Teri, and I am a recovering addict.

I reset my entire lifestyle (and the “rituals” I was practicing) which entailed giving up a pack-a-day cigarette habit, decreasing my 10 cups of coffee per day, and most importantly, kicking my addiction to drugs.

The first thing I did was reach out to and reconnect with the women I had been so closely involved with in the 12-step recovery network I had been a part of for many years. This entailed making several phone calls and sending private messages, as well as going back to the meetings that had so positively changed my life in the past. To quit smoking I used the nicotine replacement patch approach for the first month, gradually stepping down in milligrams each week. And my coffee consumption automatically decreased when I dropped the smoking habit, as they both went hand-in-hand with the other. “Smoking? Have some coffee with it!” “Coffee? Light up that cigarette!’

(NOTE: I sought guidance from my doctor who monitored and encouraged my progress during all these lifestyle changes.)