I had had a rough couple of  years battling some inner demons and vices more than 10 years ago. Therapy, yoga and self-help books had lead me in circles and I felt I was at the end of my rope.

Then a friend and I decided to take a weekend in Tulum for a little R-and-R. That’s where I discovered the Mayan purification process. It involved sitting in a pitch black igloo made of stone with a fire pit in the center. The whole experience was led by a Mayan Shaman. To describe the experience would be like trying to describe an acid trip. All I know is that an intense rush of emotions poured out of me and I cried the whole time.

After this experience my life changed drastically. I was able to let go of many of my vices and insecurities, and in a way, was free. I became pregnant with my first child the next year and a whole new chapter of my life began. I do not give sole credit to this experience for the change but it was the last intense push I needed to Reset.