I am an obsessive runner. I run 30-50 miles a week, give or take, so much so that I ran right through my pregnancy and into Lenox Hill Hospital to deliver my daughter.

I’ve been fighting hamstring tendonitis on-and-off for three years, and it’s gotten worse in the last few weeks. I feel that if I keep on running, I will be injured for life and in and out of physical therapy.

I need to work through this so that I can get better, not always be in pain and actually enjoy my runs. I am taking time off from running — which I have never done — and I am resetting by doing hot yoga, taking weight training classes and walking (Walking!??!??).

My big challenge is finding other ways to get that endorphin high while also finding a way to carve out time for myself (mentally) when I can be in my own head and solve the world’s problems. If I can’t run – how can I do that?

I have asked my running crew to NOT email me and ask me to join for a run, because it will be too tempting and I will want to go. I think my exact words were, “Don’t email me, I don’t want to be tempted to run… I’m a running whore and will have trouble turning you down.”

It’s been a HUGE change for me. I feel like I have lost my best friend. It’s devastating and has rocked my Virgo world (Virgos hate change).