I reset my love life, my family life and my career.

I was single and going on endless one-time dates. I just wasn’t finding anyone I was interested in. I met a lot of nice people, but the spark was never there.

I decided to expand my search to a much wider area and to limit my restrictions on the type of man I was willing to date. I had been single for about seven years with no real luck.

I reached out to a man who lived two hours away for me. He also was a few years younger, which was not my normal dating routine. On our first date, we spent 16 hours at the beach eating pizza and ended it with a kiss.

In the past, distance might have been a deal-breaker, but I really liked him and decided to give it a go. There were times when I might have broken up with him, but I did not run away. It was time to change the way I behaved. Actually, we both decided to change the way we had behaved in previous relationships, because we were worth it.

I already had two children in their 20s but decided this man would make a wonderful father and that I would love to have a child with him. We now have a two-year-old son who is the light of our lives. We are happier than ever and life is just amazing.

None of this was in my plan but plans are meant to be broken and life is meant to be lived.