I was growing tired of a stagnant relationship with my husband of 17 years, who had made a series of poor choices that resulted in me working excessively, just trying to stay afloat with bills and responsibilities.

I decided it was time to be brave and stop worrying about the unknown. I decided to leave the marriage and give him the responsibility of his life back.

I took a loan out of my retirement fund and left the house we both owned. Although not a clever move (he lost his part time job and could not afford the mortgage), I decided to cut my losses, make peace with the fact that I’d be financially debilitated for a long while, and I moved out. It’s been a tedious process with a lot of hurt and stressors, but it’s moving along. My ex-husband is a good father, and that at least comforts me. It’s gonna be a long while before I have an idea of how life really feels for me, I’m still in the haze of making it through… and trying to stay positive. ‘Cause I only have this one life.