My sadness was my motivator.

My ex-fiance and I were traveling last year and I wasn’t feeling well — I suffered from fibromyalgia. One night, he didn’t want to eat or drink and later, in a coffee shop, proposed marriage to me. I said yes, but I only wanted to be in bed because I didn’t feel well.  My flare-ups got worse — I couldn’t walk and he didn’t help me at all. I was so inflamed, I couldn’t wear my diamond ring.

Later, I found all he ever did was play online games and was in an online relationship. I became more ill and he stopped talking to me. I cancelled the wedding.

His sister asked him why he was acting so crazy. He blamed me and claimed I was a terrible person. His family didn’t know he was taking medication or going to therapy. They didn’t know he refused to help me at my time of crisis. They didn’t know he would hit me.

I decided to stop staying in bed. I painted my nails, put on a bikini went to the beach for the first time in a long time.  I was with my mom and we drank some beer. It took all of my strength.

I focused on decorating, dusting and exercising. I even went back to school and started taking online classes. It took me four months but it was worth it. Now, I sleep better, look better, haven’t taken medication in months and feel great.

I’m no longer a girl crying for a boy, instead, I’m a woman — an independent woman, who knows what she wants and goes for it.