I have always had big goals for myself. I wanted to be successful, whether it was through sports, modeling or any other thing I want to do.

One day I had the realization that I was doing the same thing as everyone else in my sport. That day, I made the connection that if I wanted to be better than everyone else, I had to work harder than everyone else.

I reset my mindset. I was driven to work harder than those who were chasing the same goals as me.

I reset by taking this new mindset towards everything I do. With sports, I saw that most of my competition was practicing two-to-four days a week and working out twice a week. I needed to outwork them. I started waking up early to workout before school, workout again after school and then practice after that. This was five days a week.

One may start with more money than me, one may be smarter than me and one may be prettier than me, but they will not work harder than me.