I’ve shed my mom role. 

Before I used to introduce myself as someone who was reentering the workforce after staying home and raising two sons who are now in high school. But you know what? I’m beyond that. 

I am great at connecting people, places and things and then promoting them. I’m repurposing my mom skills. I feel like women my age are such an untapped market.

A couple of years ago when my son was 12, my husband and I wanted to find him a camp where he could shoot guns cause he’s really into that and we don’t hunt. So I mined the internet for a camp in the Northeast and I found this amazing camp up in New Hampshire. I found it because that’s what I do.

There is so much information out there now that people can get overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. They don’t know where to find specific items. I can introduce them and connect them. 

I get such a rush when I’m able to figure something out and be resourceful with it. That’s what I’m doing now and how I’m resetting.

Photo courtesy of Mary Ann D’Urso.