My mom loved a beautiful poem called, “Simple Things.” It is about appreciating the wind, singing birds, a newborn baby and things that really matter.

The words touched my heart and I set off on a journey to simplify everything in my life.

We downsized from a five-bedroom home to a cottage closer to town and reduced our commute from 30 minutes to less than five. I started meditating and practicing yoga. I wrote in a daily gratitude journal. I rid myself and home of almost everything but the basics. 

But there was still one thing in my life that I hadn’t cleared. Because of depression, I gained more than 60 pounds and went from a size 8 to an 18. Two months ago, I started a healthy eating and fitness program and I am down to a size 16. I’m starting to “reset” the thing that has held me back.

I discovered the R Label clothing collection online and I want to purchase every piece and streamline my closet even more. This gives me all the more motivation to stick to my weight loss and fitness journey so that I can wear your beautiful wardrobe pieces. I can’t wait to reward myself by purchasing almost every piece!

Thank you for offering a true “Reset” for today’s woman. Bravo!