There’s always been two things that allow me to reset.

One is making sure that I play sports as part of a team that’s not my family and not my business. With netball, I’m part of a team and we’re all working together to do something.

The second is to step back from my regular life so I can look back on it. 

My step back can be as simple as going to a cafe, where I don’t know anyone. I’m completely alone in the zone and able to have my own time. Everyone else around me is busy doing their own thing, and that gives me energy to do what I’m doing. 

Where I live, I can set up on a beach. A lot of the ideas that I have come from just stepping away, stepping out of the office, stepping away from my home. This is one of the biggest resets I do and I try to do it all the time.

It sounds simple, but when you’re full-on at home — I’ve got four children — we’re always on the go. I’ve got my business, and of course my wonderful husband who supports me. Being out is so important. I think it’s what’s gotten me to this point. I wouldn’t have survived.

The other part of this is going away for a couple of days as a family and not having access to any technology or anything to do with the business. In those couple of days, my brain resets. I come back more energized, more motivated and more driven than any other time. 

I created an an illuminated tongue depressor called the Throat Scope to make oral examinations fun and easy. After we were on “Shark Tank” [Australia] and got picked up, it was a pretty hard time. I was alone and there were delays in manufacturing. I think that if I had product out there and at least had one employee working with me, it would have made the process a hell of a lot easier.

I shut down — I stepped away, putting everything away for like a week or even two weeks to reset.