I used to find myself stressed — all of the time.

Several years ago in my first business, I worked non-stop. I worked so much that I ignored my health and became a workaholic. After becoming a matchmaker and starting this business, I found myself with the same bad habits and neglecting myself and health all over again. I was back to my old workaholic self.

Every morning, I would reach for my cell phone first thing. I didn’t think that was bad. I only slept with my phone when my husband was out of town, but I was shocked when I realized people are working all hours and texting me in the middle of the night. In comparison, I didn’t think reaching for my cell first thing was worrisome. Then I read this article — an interview with Tony Robbins — about what he does every morning and it really changed the way I start my day.

I think of three things I’m grateful for — three things I appreciate. And then I think of my overall picture. How would I like my day to go to make me happy? Whether it’s business or personal, it helps me sort out the things that don’t matter. I transport myself so that I can weed through the muck and establish priorities. I ask myself what I can do today that will make a difference for tomorrow?

I’ve also adopted the motto that when things are really bad, most things will work themselves out. There’s something they say — 98 percent of the things that you worry about never happen, it’s the two percent that you never saw coming that really levels you.  When I used to get upset, my blood pressure would get really high, and now I just say, eh, most of this stuff will work itself out without even ever doing anything.

Most of what you worry about today, in the short term, will be worked out tomorrow. That’s my reset.