I am fascinated by the Confucius saying “Find a job you love, and you won’t work a day in your life.”  The concept seems highly unlikely, yet I know people who love their work so much that it doesn’t feel like “work.”

I had worked in very high-pressure jobs most of my adult life – from freelance journalist, to newspaper editor, to head of marketing at a global investment bank. I was working so hard, for so long, that when the fledgling hedge fund I was working for in New York went out of business, I found myself at a very hard stop with the loud ringing of the high-octane work environment still in my ears. I was also completely spent.

After a moment of reflection, the thought of going back to that environment filled me with dread. During all those years in a corporate, deadline-laden environment I put the things I loved and enjoyed — things that didn’t feel like work — on the back burner.

As luck would have it, a friend was at a professional crossroads as well. We chatted about what would be next in our working lives and found a project that was a million miles from our previous corporate lives — the world of fashion.

We decided to pool our resources and go on the adventure of creating an apparel start-up in an underserved niche in the great over-saturated world of women’s clothing. We still work hard – maybe even harder than before – but it feels very different this time.