I was a single mother that needed to feed my family and my soul. That’s where it all began.

I set up a game plan and focused on what was at hand. I needed to support myself and my family and in the meantime build a successful and thriving business. I set goals and worked towards them and if I failed, I continued. I never gave up. I just worked hard and never lost my focus.

I focused on what and where I wanted to be, and put forth all of my efforts to getting there. I have also introduced a full clean eating plan into my life that has reset my life again. I feel like a million bucks. So with my health soaring and my business doing wonderful, I feel like my stars are aligned. I am hoping that I can encourage and inspire other women to do as I did and help them reach their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations.

Today, I have a healthy life and a wonderful life partner/husband that I am able to share all of this with. What a fabulous ride it has been.

With two websites and a thriving full-service design studio later, I can honestly can say that I have arrived.