I reset my approach to costuming when I got to “Girls.” My experience, previous to “Girls,” was to make your leading ladies look good. The Spanx and the bras and the hosiery and heels — the whole nine yards. That wasn’t what our show was trying to do. And it was a big reset.

It was trying to be more real. It was trying to portray the messiness of these girls’ lives. Having four women who looked great all the time wasn’t true to that reality. I had to take a step back. And I realized, this was really about relaxing the rules and making the decisions that are right for this situation, not the decisions that you would normally make for characters on television.

There are still a lot of people who think that the rules are a certain way, and that’s fine. It’s everyone’s choice. That’s the thing I learned the most, is that you be you. Because everyone else is taken. That’s what [the character] Hannah is doing. That was my takeaway — make choices for yourself and everything will feel more authentic.

Photo by Amy Dickerson