Despite loving style and fashion my whole life, when I had my son, I threw myself into motherhood so completely that I forgot about how one’s personal style sets the conversation with the rest of the world. One day I realized I had lost my style identity; I didn’t even speak the language of style anymore.

I decided to reset my priorities and make my interests count again. Style brings me joy and I was making myself miserable in a style-free existence!

First, I read every magazine I could get my hands on. I noticed how things had evolved during my time out of the conversation. I had to decide, was I going to just adopt the Mom Uniform, or was I going to dress like ME again?

Then, I spent a lot of time in stores trying things on and discovering how my body had changed with pregnancy and motherhood. That of course led to me getting back to the gym several days a week, which made me look better and feel more energetic.

Eventually, my reset led to me start a style blog, partially to hold myself accountable (no style ruts allowed!) and partially to have one little piece of online real estate where I am fully immersed in MY love of style. Everything else takes a back seat.