Twenty years after first learning that both of my knees were genetically degenerative, I finally took the plunge and had total knee replacements. Even by delaying for so long, I was young for such a procedure (44 years young). I was afraid to go through with it for many reasons but the pain finally got to be too much. Everything about the surgery was amazing and my knees recovered fabulously. The only part I didn’t anticipate was the total change in my appearance. My knees, formerly bowlegged—and something I came to cherish about my appearance—were now poker-straight. To me, they looked so silly!  My reflection didn’t look like me and my shadow made me suspect someone was constantly following me. Now, I couldn’t be happier. The rest of my body, which had been compensating for years, has fallen happily back into proper alignment. I’m able to participate in everyday life activities without the fears that had prevented me from many things in the past. In fact, I recently stood in a mosh pit for an entire concert. Go me!