I’m an academic out of academia.

I received a BA in Latin American History and a MA in Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies. I loved the thrill of exploring history and bringing together all the disparate threads. I wanted to go on to get my PhD. My professors were very encouraging, but then I realized there were 200 PhD candidates at my university, not to mention the thousands of other history PhD candidates in programs throughout the country​. I was also concerned that I would find my way into the ivory tower and never descend.

With that, I headed into the non-profit sector and learned a lot about fundraising for research, but I wanted more. I started a blog about travel and art called Not Without My Bowler Hat. This lead to an oral history project about women in the arts in Chicago. And then I decided that I wanted to get back into research and writing as a freelancer. That’s when I met the Reset and haven’t looked back since.