When life throws you lemons, sometimes you make lemonade. Other times you realize you need something a little stronger (like maybe a tequila shot) to give yourself that little boost of courage you need to pick yourself up and reset.

That was definitely the sensation I had when I found myself suddenly unemployed at that lovely time the economy also decided to take a nice little nose dive. It left me at that infamous place on the corporate ladder that you are literally too experienced to get hired (i.e. you have more experience than someone suffering budget cuts is able to hire). I had meeting after meeting, recruiter after recruiter and nothing but crickets.

The reality of the situation set in and I had a choice to make: To settle and stay where I was comfortable or to not settle and risk it all. So, I took that shot of courage and chose to take one giant leap of faith after another and run towards something I actually wanted.

I left a city I had grown to love and a life I had built and picked an apartment site unseen off Craigslist, packed up my things and drove across the country to what turned out to be a pretty adorable apartment in San Francisco. I didn’t know a soul, literally had no idea what I was going to do, and am quite sure most of those nearest and dearest to me thought I was having a midlife crisis. But, from that little apartment in SF, I started a company, I fell in love with my now husband, and I met some of my very, very best friends. I also met myself and learned just how much I loved that version of me.

As I look back on those terrifying first moments, I realize every great thing I have in my life today and every amazing thing that has happened to me is a result of that one moment in time where I made a choice, a choice to reset my life, a choice to take a risk. I now run a successful company, have a family that I love and a life that I designed to be exactly what I almost never dreamed possible.