meet maria

When I was little, I remember thinking why isn’t everyone their own boss? I didn’t see any reason why I couldn’t dream the big dream. I inherited my moxie from my father who is a true original, a ball buster and no-nonsense kind of guy. His parenting style could be summarized as such:

  1. Get on with it.
  2. Rule breakers win.
  3. Take risks.

I am grateful for these “slap in the face” life traits, as it made me believe that I could manifest a different kind of life—the life of an entrepreneur.

I built my first company SimplyShe from scratch, no road map—just pure instinct and blind faith. The idea was simple, relate to women about everyday events in their lives using humor and style. I took that voice and put it into greeting cards, books, clothing and then evolved it to become the largest pet fashion company in the country.

After being approached by a private equity firm in 2011, I decided to sell the company I loved  but stayed on to run it until the beginning of last year. My unexpected departure led me to my own reset.

I created The Reset because I was tired hearing about millennial this and millennial that, and felt there was room for a brand that spoke a different kind of narrative. I wanted a place that made women feel good about themselves and gave them a point of view they could relate to. I wanted to create a digital “home base” that supported the kinds of resets we all go through big and small, and everything in-between. I guess you could say I went back to my roots so to speak.

I also saw the market need for clothes that made sense to wear. I was personally tired of chasing trends and styles that looked bad, clogged the closet and cost too much. So I created R|Label, a clothing line that was born out of my own desire for simplicity—pieces that are the no-brainer go-to’s we all seek day in and day out. A curated line of clothing that’s easy to wear, flattering and affordable.

Building The Reset is a true adventure, a journey of all I have learned, and have yet to learn. It has taken me out of my comfort zone and kicked me to the curb in the best possible way. It’s my passion, my whole being. It’s terrifying, challenging, demanding and rewarding. This is my ultimate reset.