meet lisa

I come from a dying industry. I am not an auto worker or a coal miner, but a newspaper reporter. I saw the writing on the wall years ago after I took a break to write my first book and found full-time re-entry to be difficult. I adapted and became a freelance writer for anyone who needed my skills. Red carpets? Yes. Ghostwriting? Of course. Web sites? Yes, please. I was the session musician of writers. I realized that my innate talent was storytelling. I sought out companies, brands, products or agencies that needed me to tell their stories. I crafted words for magazines, websites, fashion companies, two not-for-profits and more but was still looking for a challenging, but good fit.

A friend connected me with The Reset founder Maria Peevey. A one-hour drink became a three-hour working session. To be able to use all of the brushes in my box — strategy, storytelling, reaching real women, working each medium to its advantage and being entrepreneurial — it’s a dream job. Start-up businesses are risky, but I choose change rather than settling for sad. The potential payoff — professional fulfillment and happiness — is worth it.