After many years as an entrepreneur, my journey took a detour.

I decided to reset the path I was taking as a skincare founder. It was time to take my business back to its roots, and authentically represent who I wanted to be and the kind of products I wanted to to share with the world.

I had to take a step back to re-evaluate my goals and what I really felt was missing in my entrepreneurial journey. I realized five things:

  1.  I want strong, like-minded partners to help me reach my goals;
  2.  I want to focus on ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients from around the globe to create natural skincare;
  3.  I want my business to help women around the globe empower themselves by creating their own opportunity;
  4.  I want to contribute in a bigger way by helping girls achieve their dreams through education; and
  5.  I want to authentically honor the traditions passed on to me by my family and the traditions shared with me by others and learned in my travels.

I had to work REALLY hard to achieve this personal and professional growth. It’s an ongoing process, and I learn more each and every day. In those “starting over” moments, there was plenty of frustration, disappointment and scary times. Pushing past my fears in a bigger way helped me to land where I am today.

I am so excited to have joined the family at Sundial Brands (makers of Shea Moisture, Nubian Heritage and Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture) with the Nyakio™ brand. We are sourcing ethical and sustainable ingredients from 13 countries around the globe, we’ve just launched at select ULTA stores and, and are focused on creating opportunities for girls and women here in the U.S. and abroad.

I am grateful for the RESET of starting over. Change CAN BE a really good thing. I am feeling hopeful and looking so forward to this next chapter.