meet gregg

I have always loved bridging creative with technology. As a graphic designer by training who has adapted my skills to the digital era, I was drawn to companies like Clinique and Aeropostale that allowed for the cutting edge combination of these worlds. Several years ago, opportunity took me from my home in New York to Florida to work for Chico’s, White House Black Market and Soma Intimates. Florida was a major reset, but moving from a noisy 700-square-foot four-story walk-up in New York’s East Village to a beautiful home in tranquil Naples made it easier to adapt.

Now, I am part of the small-but-mighty team at The Reset, where I’m designing the site and managing the technical development. It’s eye-opening to see how quickly we can move — our accomplishments in three short months at The Reset would take 1.5 years in the corporate world. It’s been refreshing to roll up my sleeves, moving from a big corner office to working remotely at every Starbucks within a 20-mile radius of my home. The unpredictability of my office location is exciting, as are the Star Rewards I’m racking up.