Is your style written in the stars? Hey, you never know. We took a peek at some planetary alignments to see if we could match up your sign with its perfect wardrobe counterpart. Take a peek and see if it says “you.”


You’re progressive, self-reliant and tend to follow your own free spirit. Look for signature statement pieces that signal independence, like THE RIDER JACKET.



Artistic and empathetic, you crave creature comforts. Wrap up in THE COZY COCOON for that tactile touch you love.



Courageous, upbeat and headstrong, you do best when your confidence can shine. Look for simple, bold pieces like The SILK TUNIC DRESS that let your personality be the star.



You’re patient and practical, but drawn to the sensual. THE CASHMERE PONCHO offers you the versatility you need and the soft touch you love.



As the twin sign, you go from playful to thoughtful in a flash. THE CASHMERE CARDI works perfectly for playing that game.



A homebody at heart, you like to feel grounded. FAVORITE LONG SLEEVE TEE in white offers you a soft touch to take with you as you layer on your highly stylish “outer shell.”



Warm, witty and not opposed to stealing a little spotlight, you don’t shy away from wardrobe pieces that showcase your assets. Rock THE BLACKOUT LEGGING for a bold foundation.



Analytical and humble, you know how to hustle and grind your way to your goals. The OPEN SILK BLAZER in gray is the perfect piece to help get you there.



You’re all about harmony, and love beauty in all forms. THE CASHMERE DUSTER in heather grey offers up that luxurious zen vibe you love.



Passionate, elusive and more than a little fearless, you need staples that don’t pull punches. THE VEGAN LEATHER LEGGING is always on your wavelength.



Curious and energetic, you love to explore and dream. Lean into that instinct in a navy SILK TUNIC that offers equal parts freedom and flattery.



Responsible, dependable and determined, you need essentials that mean business. For you, it doesn’t get any better than THE ESSENTIAL BLAZER.