There’s a ton of ‘em out there — the perfect one is so very hard to find. We speak of the black blazer, of course.

Yes, it’s a basic that belongs in every working woman’s wardrobe. But not just any black blazer will do. Which is why we went ahead and obsessively constructed the perfect, most modern, effortless version out there. From the shade of black (pure, soft, never shiny), to the fabric (an uber-luxe lightweight Japanese crepe), to the tailoring (figure-skimming, just a touch of structure and an oh-so-easy elegance), we finessed every detail to create a version that is both timeless and undeniably current. And so. Unbelievably. Flattering.

Now that we’ve nailed the blazer, it’s time to get down to business. Work isn’t “one size fits all” anymore (and we love that) — but dressing for your profession is still key to conquering the day. No matter your career style, the Essential Blazer is up for the job.


In your line of work, self-expression reigns. Let the blazer be a clean slate to which you add some personal details — a dash of color or printed bag brings the right accent. Pair it with your favorite denim for the right balance of relaxed and refined.   


Whether meeting with investors to launch your venture or having a powwow with potential partners, there’s moments when you need to command maximum respect. Enter the new power suit. Cropped, perfectly tailored trousers bring a modern edge and serious style to this classic combo. A silky top underneath offers an added dose of femininity (and a reminder that one can talk softly and carry a big stick).


Layers, layers, layers. For women who are forever on the move, versatility and being able to swap pieces in and out is a must. Paired with black leggings, the blazer is the perfect shapeshifter. A crepe topcoat swaps in (or over) on the way to airports, lunch meetings and beyond.

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