The incredible Alison Cayne is the founder of the highly successful Haven’s Kitchen—a sustainability-focused culinary school, cafe and event space, rolled into one. Between rocking her role as an entrepreneur, taking care of her five—yes, five—kids and one cuddly pup, and serving on boards to promote good food policy, we’re amazed she even finds the time to brush her hair. Yet somehow, she manages to look perfectly pulled together, with an effortless, laid-back style we absolutely love. Excellent proof that style doesn’t need to be a complex equation.

"Don't make yourself small. It's an old habit that no longer serves you."

What’s your relationship status with your closet?

AC: In love.

What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to dressing?

AC: In between sandal and boot weather.

Describe your personal style in three words or less.

AC: The Graduate, older.

How do you quickly transition your look from kitchen-busy to dining-room-ready?

AC: Heels, lipstick.

What motivated you to become your own boss and start Haven’s Kitchen? How do you stay inspired to keep creating?

AC: I just wanted to create something I felt needed to exist. And that keeps happening.

Which food trend is influencing your cooking the most these days?

AC: Winter citrus and chicories.

Describe the outfit that makes you feel like the most authentic version of yourself.

AC: A ringer T-shirt, flowy skirt and Italian-ish ’70s wedges.

What’s your favorite R|Label piece and why?
AC: The black jumpsuit!! I feel put together but not fussy. It’s easy to move in and I love the pockets and adjustable straps.
When’s the last time you hit “Reset” on an aspect of your life? How did it change you?
AC: 2012. Everything changed.
What are the people, places and/or things that inspire you to be your best self?
AC: I am super inspired by some of the millennial women we follow on Instagram. They’re fiercely determined not only to shift the social construct but also to be the truest versions of themselves. I love that they’re owning who they are — not in a narcissistic way, but a vulnerable way. It totally inspires me to do the same at 45.
If your life was a meal, what would it be and why?
AC: A potato chip, topped with cold roast chicken, mayo and crunchy lettuce. If someone can please figure out why, I’d appreciate it.
If you were to write your own morning mirror (Daily Affirmation), what would it be?
AC: Don’t make yourself small. It’s an old habit that no longer serves you.

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