10 Tips for Perfect Packing

1. Travel Clarity

Review your travel itinerary – accommodations, social or business schedule day to evening. Is there a health club? Can you walk around the hotel or destination in any type of footwear? Do you need adapters or specific technology chargers? The more detail you have regarding your travel, the better prepared you are to make PPC – Perfect Packing Choices.

2. Weather

Check the forecast for the duration of your stay at destination.

3. Pack in Looks

Lay it all out! On a bed or couch, style your outfits top-to-toe. This includes jewelry, hosiery, handbag, lingerie, shoes… Photograph each look and include a Post-It note in the image that depicts – “Where to Wear” this look. YES, looks can share items but they must be photographed with each individual look. Refer to photos in your phone when unpacking. Hang or fold looks by day and night in that order.

4. Think Outside of the Box and Into the Suitcase

Do you need workout clothes? Is there a breakfast buffet that you will need a “look” to go downstairs in (and possibly be seen in) – don’t want to get fully “looked up” for the day for a quick breakfast/coffee run. (This look can be repeated as long as it is clean!) Also, my personal obsession – ALWAYS pack flip-flops or slippers for in-room walking.

5. Laundry Bag

Most hotels provide a laundry bag but they are usually small and if your trip is lengthy, it’s helpful to bring your own. And, easy to go from the suitcase to the washing machine or dry cleaner when unpacking.

6. Travel Size

Go to your local drugstore and get as many travel size products as possible. Also, travel size containers. (3oz. for carry-on). Don’t pack big, heavy bottles. You will pay for overweight luggage and it is far more cost effective to buy a new shampoo, body wash or suntan lotion at your destination. Hotel stores can be pricey so Google your destination’s nearest drugstore or market that sells your toiletries. Helpful hint – have a travel size “arsenal” of all your must haves – at a moment’s notice, you can grab, go and carry on.

7. Bag and Stuff it

When you buy shoes and handbags they usually come with a “duster bag.” SAVE them for packing. Bag shoes together (heel: toe) or separately. Handbags too, pack in a duster bag and stuff with your gym clothes, underwear, socks or pajamas. Bags won’t squish and you consolidate.

8. Wrap it up

Saran Wrap or tin foil ANYTHING that can spill or open. Once wrapped, put in a plastic beauty bag or an old reliable Ziploc bag. Nothing is worse than a product explosion! Never pack your hairbrush or anything that is a nightmare to clean with a product that could open. (Save your wrapping so you can pack it up upon leaving, just as safely as you arrived.)

9. Pack in Order, Not Chaos

If you can pack each look on one hanger (including undergarments, you can usually fit two-to-three looks in a garment bag) they can be hung or folded in a suitcase. Individual items should be organized by use. Don’t just shove it all in or you will need to have your entire suitcase ironed or pressed.

10. Unpack Immediately

Organize your looks and bathroom essentials as if you were at home.

Stefani Greenfield co-founded the internationally acclaimed SCOOP NYC stores and is credited for pioneering a new way for consumers to shop at retail with her trailblazing merchandising concept – “The Ultimate Closet.” In 2013, she founded MY NEXT ACT, a global consulting agency focused on the creation, ideation and storytelling of brands.