It’s no secret that cosmetic surgeries can cost you a ton of money. And sometimes, you may be feeling like your skin needs a little extra boost. A few beauty products in your cabinet can give you an instant face lift just by using staple beauty products (that you probably already own).

  1. Foundation Matching your foundation to your exact skin tone isn’t always a good idea. For an instant face lift, mix up your makeup base and choose a warm tone foundation that’s a slightly deeper shade than your natural skin color. This will help to prevent you from looking ghostly, and it will add extra color to your face giving it an overall glow.
  2. Contour is your best friend when it comes to defining the structure of your face. You can try to contour your cheekbones for a lifted youthful look. This makeup hack will help give you an instant face lift at a time when everything is starting to sag. Plus, contouring is so in right now– ahem, hello KKW Beauty. 
  3. Highlighter Bring your trusted highlighter well out of the summer months for a younger glow that will fix dull skin in an instant. You can follow this step right after you contour your cheekbones so that you can apply a highlight to all the right places that you want to, well, highlight.
  4. Concealer has always been your go-to throughout all the stages of your life, from preteen acne to covering dark circles after a work day. It’s here to be a lifesaver again, but this time by giving you a face lift. Use concealer to wake up your eyes. Apply the concealer to brighten up the eye and eyebrow area so that you’ll look alert and ready to go.

This story was originally published on SheFinds