By expressing gratitude, you are giving nature a compass for yourself — the more you express it, the more you will begin to feel and believe that you’re truly happy.  Additionally, gratitude can have tremendous and lasting effects on a person’s productivity, relationships and well being. It’s a life hack to getting everything you want, and more.

  • Set the Tone Your very first interaction each morning will typically set the tone for the rest of the day. Ideally, the first interaction in your day should be of gratitude. Instead of waking up and immediately checking your phone, Instagram and Facebook feeds or opening text messages, chose to start your day by writing what it is that you’re grateful for. This will set up how the rest of your day falls into place.
  • Admire Something Find something around you to be grateful for and take the time out of your day to admire it. For example: Look out the window and stare into nature. Admire its peacefulness and beauty, allow the feeling to resonate with you and be grateful.
  • Reflect Before walking into your workplace, reflect on all that’s good in your life. Allow it to really resonate with your and your surroundings (for about 30 seconds). Creating this sense of gratitude and finding something specific to be grateful for will lead to a more productive environment for yourself and others.
  • Meditate This is always the best way to either start or end your day. Try it as something you do as a form of expressing gratitude and let that feeling encapsulate you.
  • Thank Others Helping someone new every day is important, but expressing gratitude after a nice deed has been done for you is arguably just as important. Anytime something good happens, don’t hold back or be reserved about it. Show gratitude — jump up and down, smile, be very forthright, show that you’re truly grateful and let the universe know. Even the idea of going out and helping others and telling one another why you’re grateful they gave you the opportunity to help is ideal too.

Rohan Duggal is the founder of GoodKarms, which he created to spread positivity and kindness within his own community. Rather than completing tasks for money, GoodKarms users are able to assist and support each other for “GoodKarms.” He seeks to influence positive interactions and increase altruistic behaviors within our society.