5 Ways to Move Mental Mountains and Recharge

  1. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and bad decisions. We all make them and they do not define who you are.
  2. Let go of the story. A lot of us have been through horrific experiences, but unless you are repeating the story to others to help yourself heal… Let it go!
  3. Quiet time is essential to healing. Meditation is a great way to focus on what you want to manifest into your life. Reset, Refresh and Renew.
  4. Get reacquainted with yourself. Spend time loving on you. LOVE YOURSELF!
  5. Stay focused by working on your gifts and passions. It leaves less time to dwell on the thing(s) that have you blocked mentally.
Christina Johnson is a life coach who has created a digital coaching program and intense three-day transformational retreat to empower, release and reset your life. Her inspiring teachings are designed to help you grow your business and move past barriers that create, overwhelm and accelerate success.