7 Reasons You Should Brave a Bikini

After years of designing, styling and fitting women of all ages into beautiful bathing suits, Sonia de Mello, Creative Director of So De Mel swimwear, knows a woman’s body. She believes that every woman can make a bikini work for her regardless of her age. “It’s really about embracing your body and owning what you got.”

Spend a little time around Sonia and it’s hard not to catch her contagious mind-body positivity, she feels strongly about celebrating the bodies we have and letting go of needless self-shaming. Refreshing to hear!

While finding your inner “bikini confidence” may sound like a challenge, here are Sonia’s tips for how to rock a two piece no matter your age or size.

  1. Embrace your body as you are. You are the only one who can control how your body looks.
  2. Never compare your body with anybody else’s. We are all different, and each of us has our own unique beauty.
  3. Find your best feature and learn how to use it wisely. We all have something. Own it.
  4. Learn your own personal style — what you like and what brings happiness to you.
  5. Adjust your attitude. How you present and portray yourself is very powerful. If you think you are beautiful, others will think so too.
  6. Embrace your self-esteem. Your inside power is bigger than your superficial appearance.
  7. Pay attention to fabric. Fabrics that mold to the skin are better than those that squeeze your skin.

So De Mel Swim is a Brazilian-inspired label offering a perfect mix of functional Brazilian fits and modern European cuts. The collection’s simple styles, accented with carefully crafted classic details, enhance the beauty of the female form.