7 Steps for Reentering the Workforce

Inspired the hit film “The Intern,” we launched The Enternship, a women’s re-entry to the workforce internship program. Created for women who jumped the corporate ship, retirees or for moms looking to break back into the workforce, the program promised guidance and direction on reentry. We taught these women how to get their work groove back and these tips are the starting point.

  1. Confidence is King  Our enterns came to us terribly defeated. These brilliant, beautiful, smart and experienced women felt unwanted, irrelevant and disgruntled and they projected it. Get to the gym, take a class, pick up a sport, get a haircut, heck, find a new lover. You need to be THE BEST YOU before you ask others to see the best in you. The energy you put out is the energy that will come back to you.
  2. Create Your Brand Whether or not you know it, you are a brand. Everything from the car you drive to the lipstick you wear, to what you post on social media creates you as an overall brand and that’s what employers are buying into. Companies don’t want people to just DO their jobs, they want the people they hire to live and breathe it.
  3. Re-Write Your Story Find the relevance in your past work and life experiences. Have three kids? Those are management skills. If you can tell your whirlwind life story in a fun, exciting, energetic and professional approach, you’re ahead of the game. Use that new story to create a killer cover letter for the job hunt. Use that story to message people on LinkedIn and Facebook, screw it, even use it as your bio on Instagram.
  4. Reach Out If you’re sick of the job search black holes of Indeed, Monster and Careerbuilder, take it into your own hands. Make a list of companies you want to talk to, send query emails and yes, even call them up. Post on Facebook, join social media groups and post there too. People support people that are part of their communities.
  5. Re-Invest There are tons of classes to take online to refresh your skills, whether it’s storytelling, social media, computer skills or even basket weaving. Pick something that is relevant to you, brush up on your skills or even pick up new skills. Check out The Golden Grenade Brigade, The Apres Group or Reboot Accel. There’s a big women-helping-women movement happening now. Trust us, this is the time to find a new tribe, brush up, score some new skills, help one another and score big.
  6. Network Muster up the courage and the energy and get on out there. Look for local business, cultural and educational groups and events (many which are free, don’t break the bank here). Search on Meetup.com, tell your friends you are looking to network, form a breakfast group with local women in your area, call a former co-worker for coffee or even ask someone you admire out for a walk. That guy sitting next to you on the train could be the VP of Google who is head of a new woman’s incubator looking for people just like you.
  7. Start Your Own Thing and Start it Now It shows that you’re not waiting for opportunity, you’ve taken life by the balls and who doesn’t want to hire a person like that? Forget the big business plan right now. Print some cards, get the website up and start talking. By starting the motion, your life begins to evolve.

Gwen Wunderlich and Dara Kaplan are the founders of New York City PR firm Wunderlich Kaplan Communications and creators of the The Enternship. For more great tips follow @GoldenGrenadeBrigade on Instagram.