Color Me Happy: 6 Scenarios and The Colors That Make Them Work

I wrote a lot in my book Front Roe about how the science of color has the ability to affect your mood. The colors you choose to wear or look at every day have a direct effect on your state of mind, performance at work and even on your love life. Each color on the wheel evokes a different feeling and meaning, so use them wisely. While you can certainly still be successful and not have the “perfect” color around you at each moment, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help – so read below on how different colors can benefit you.

  1. Decorate Your Office
    Blue is a soothing color, and it affects us mentally, while other colors cause a stronger reaction. Deep blues stimulate clear thought, while lighter, soft blues will calm the mind and aid concentration. Watery blues (like sky blue or the ocean) are the most stress-reducing colors. So, which color should you paint your office? Light grey-blue — it’s proven to be one of the most stress reducing colors while also improving focus – exactly what you need for your workspace.
  2. Wear On A Date
    Men are subconsciously attracted to the color red. It’s the color of blood and fire, so naturally it’s associated with love, passion, desire and romance. If you’re going on a first date, grab his attention with a little red dress. If you’re too self-conscious, go for bold red nails (just avoid a bright red lip, unless of course it’s your signature thing – red lips have been known to put guys off going in for a smooch for fear of smudging it everywhere). On the flip side, it also evokes strength and leadership, so try a tailored red blazer at your next job interview or presentation.
  3. Color My Desktop
    Green reduces stress, improves focus, and even is restful for eyes – helpful for those long days of sitting in front of a computer screen. It’s also a happy color, so if you’re going to spend the majority of your day staring at your computer, it might as well cheer you up. Look for shots of meadows, mountains or forests, to help alter you feel more positive.
  4. Cheery Flowers
    Yellow and green are the happiest colors, so if you’re feeling a little low, swing by the florist and buy yourself a bouquet in either of these shades (p.s. even just the act of buying yourself blooms for no reason at all, is uplifting – trust me). Green hypericum are my absolute favorite, and hydrangea look voluminous and gorgeous in a low, wide vase.
  5. Pre-Workout Smoothie (yup, it makes a difference)
    Orange. It’s a stimulating and energetic color, containing both red’s passion and yellow’s joy. Research has shown that it even increases oxygen supply to the brain, which produces an energizing effect. Grab a carrot and ginger juice on the way to your next Soul Cycle class.
  6. Not for Work
    Though I love a gray outfit, too much gray can actually make you seem passive or lacking energy. Definitely not the kind of vibes you need in the workplace, so a gray-on-gray suit wouldn’t be recommended. Mix gray in with the rest of your outfit. Light, heather gray actually looks super chic with warm neutrals or rich tones. Try pairing it with caramel, burgundy red or navy blue to help offset the effect.

To see more of Louise’s tips, visit her blog Front Roe.