Are you someone who is constantly irritated? Is your blood boiling every day from something someone says or does? Is this rational behavior? Is it warranted?

As I have grown older and hopefully more wise, I have come to understand that if what is being said or done isn’t malicious, I should not let myself get so worked up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to not stand up for injustices around you. I’m saying let the petty situations that arise on a daily basis go. It is not worth you losing your sanity to prove a point.

This might sting a little, but the times in my life when I had issues with situations around me on a constant basis were when I was most unhappy. Let’s face it, if we are content in our own lives, we are not bothered by what anyone else is doing.

It’s not always easy to recognize your own unhappiness, or that you need to make a change. A clue is when you are bothered by seemingly innocuous situations. To deal:

  1. Check in With Your Health  In Chinese medicine if you are constantly worked up or feel anger it’s because your liver is unbalanced. Your irritability could be rooted in needing a more balanced diet and not knowing it.
  2. Get Focused When you are focusing on something important to you, everything else fades away.
  3. Find Your Center Being in tune with yourself will help you quickly realize your own behavior. Even if you are irritated, you will figure out why and change the behavior or figure out where the agitation comes from and move on from there.

I can testify that life is better when you are going with the flow. Save your energy for the things that matter — that are worthy of you being worked up over.

Life is too short.

Skye Dyer is a singer/songwriter and a work-in-progress. You can follow along on