Good morning! We need to talk about what you eat for breakfast. See, the wrong choice can set the rest of your day on the course for weight gain. There’s one food that’s worse than the rest – it’s all sugar and empty carbs that barely fill you up. Which one? Let’s find out…

The biggest sugar breakfast offender is cereal. That means basically any box with a cartoon character on it, and even ones that look “healthy.” Many cereals are highly processed and full of sugar and refined carbohydrates. All of that added sugar is a big reason why cereal-eaters put on pounds.

“If you start the day on a massive sugar high your blood sugar levels will spike, which will cause your body to produce the hormone insulin in order to gain control,” says David Baillie, a Connecticut-based personal trainer and owner of Front-Line Fitness. And then your blood sugar levels will drop. Ugh. The result: you feel low energy and crave another high sugar meal or snack so the process starts all over again.

The best cereal choices have at least three-to-five grams of fiber and no more than five grams sugar per serving. Read the labels! Understand the size of a serving. A typical recommended serving size is 30 grams, which Baillie says is about half of what the average person eats.

“Any cereal that claims it has ‘reduced sugar’ or ‘less sugar’ is not healthy,” he says. “It just means the sugar content is less compared to the cereal’s previous incarnation and not that it’s actually low in sugar.” Don’t fall for this misleading info and stop eating sugary cereal for breakfast.

This story was originally published on SheFinds.